Sunday, June 22, 2008

June eMusic

Used up my 100 dls a little early ...

Girl in a Coma Both Before I'm Gone

Released on Joan Jett's Blackheart label. All-latina, fairly straightforward rock.

Go Betty Go Worst Enemy EP

All-latina pop punk.

Joan Jett and the Blackhearts Sinner

Joan'a first domestic release of the 2000s.

Period Pains BBC Session EP

Punk. Punkish, at least.

Shitbirds Famous Recording Artists

Elinore Blake is the vocalist. AKA multilingual girl-pop icon April March. Pretty far from the French pop she is known for under that name, though.

Skinned Teen/Raooul Bazooka Smooth!/Jail-bait Core

Released on the west coast's Lookout! Records. Pretty much the pop-punk you'd expect from Lookout!.

The Be Good Tanyas Chinatown
The Be Good Tanyas Scattered Leaves EP
The Be Good Tanyas "Opal's Blues"

Trad. The album is their 2nd full-length, the EP the band's debut, the track from a movie soundtrack.

The Carter Family "No Depression in Heaven"

The sole male vocal I downloaded in June.

The Coathangers "Dreamboat"

60s flavored 'clean' garage.

The Detroit Cobras Mink Rat or Rabbit

Garage. Mostly covers of mostly obscure R&B.

Couple of interesting download patterns in June. I bookended the month with trad stuff, starting with TBGT and ending the month with the Carter Family. Almost accidentally I picked up releases from two different all-latina groups. 99% of what I picked up features female vocalists, with several of the groups being in fact entirely made up of that gender.

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