Saturday, July 5, 2008

Starpulse's top 10 songs sung by eomen has posted a list of the top 10 songs sung by women in the rock era. My list would be almost completely different. That doesn't prevent me from commenting on their list.

10 - Sinead O'Conner - "Nothing Compares to You" [sic]

Solid choice. O'Conner has an incredible voice. I prefer "Mandinka", but this song will be familiar to more casual listeners. This is a problem throughout the list - popular, well known choices are given more attention than arguably better or more important songs.

9 - Sheryl Crow - "Strong Enough"

I can't really comment. Not familiar with this one.

8 - Janis Joplin - "Bobby McGee" [sic]

"Me and Bobby McGee" is a fine song. Very nice. But "Piece of my Heart" pretty much defines a particular vocal style. I would have given that song the nod.

7 - Mazzy Starr - "Fade Into You"

Again, not one I know. Mazzy Starr is on my "listen to some time" list, but I haven't tried them out yet.

6 - Blondie - "Heart of Glass"

This is a difficult one. "Call Me" is more favored, but "Heart of Glass" probably more important. "Rapture" gets the nod for historical import.

5 - Heart - "Crazy on You"

Hello, "Barracuda"? At least they didn't pick "What About Love".

4 - Hole - "Doll Parts"

Full disclosure: I really dislike this song. Why not something by Babes in Toyland? Sleater-Kinney? Heavens to Betsy? Anything but "Doll Parts" ...

3 - Tracy Chapman - "Fast Car"

Nice song. One of the best, I'm not so sure, but nice nevertheless.

2 - Fleetwood Mac - "Gold Dust Woman"

Bucks the trend. This time *I* pick the more well known song - "Rhiannon".

1 - Carole King - "Feel Like a Natural Woman"

If I was making a list of top female songwriters of the rock era, King wins first place. Heck, she could make a solid claim at #1 songwriter of either gender. But the actual recording? Well, King is a better writer than vocalist. She's not a bad vocalist, but #1?

I've tried to stick to comments about the list as it appeared. But no Ronnie Spector? The barbarians.

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