Thursday, August 27, 2009

Saturday, August 22, 2009

eMusic July 2009

Haven't posted these lists of what I picked up on eMusic in a while ... Fast forward to July

Lots of girl group this month. Emusic just added the Sony/CBS back catalog, so some stuff from that label as well.

Hearts of Palm UK - For Life

This all-female group hails from LA, in spite of the name. Relaxing but definately not ambient or leisurely. Reminds me of early 80s electronica, without the disco.

It's My Party - R.S.V.P.

Girl group retro in sound and image. Released in 2007 but looks and sounds like 1961.

KO and the Knockouts - KO & The Knockouts

Detroit garage.

Ludella Black and the Masonics - From This Witness Stand

Vaguely garagish.

The Angels - Love, The Angels

Like the song "My Boyfriend's Back"? Don't be tempted by the 2008 version. Yes, original artists and all, but unfortunately ... Well, it's just not good. The rest of the album is harmless,at least.

The Epoxies - Stop The Future

New wave, but less synth.

Various Artists - The Shangri-Las And The 60s Girl Group Garage Sound

70 tracks! The cover omits the word "garage". Some of this will be already familiar to even casual listeners, but plenty of rarities. Not all what I would consider girl group, but the rest is entertaining as well.

Some individual tracks ...

Aldo Nova - "Fantasy"

A minor hit when I was in 8th grade! I hadn't heard this song in ages. I bought it so now I've heard it. Probably would not bother me if it was ages until I hear it again.

The Clash - "This Is Radio Clash"

I have pretty much everything ever released by the Clash, but somehow managed to not purchase this song. Not even sure where it was originally released. Knew it from the video.