Thursday, April 3, 2008


Today is my birthday. I'm only 38 now fergoshsakes! In the classic Lesley Gore tradition of "It's My Party", well, it's my party and I'll be cranky if I want to.

Myspace is the topic for today. Myspace really bugs me. The basic idea - social networking - is not the source of my displeasure. Myspace makes page design simple. Unfortunately, it makes really really poor design really really easy. Far too many Myspace pages look like they were designed by a chimpanzee. No, that's not right. A DRUNK chimpanzee. There, that's better.

Or a parrot. How else to explain the fascination with flashing things on the page?

My biggest complaint though comes from an unavoidable Myspace feature. Many times I have wound up on a Myspace page for a band, looking for news or samples or whatever, only to have to sit for 10 minutes with an unresponsive computer while a bunch of little pictures of "friends" load. Absolutely drives me nuts.

But it is a part of all this, I guess. Lots of bands will put up a page on Myspace in lieu of or in addition to having a ... real ... domain. But the group has to be darn interesting before I will point others towards a Myspace page.

So The Choir Practice must be darn interesting, huh? After all I linked to their Myspace page over on the left there.

They are. Their debut is getting a ton of play on my computer right now (join eMusic and you too can grab a copy!)

But not what I'm listening to this very moment. That would be The Dials' Flex Time. I like it quite a bit. But that will have to wait for later. After all, today is my birthday.

And I don't wanna write any more today.

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