Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Common Thread

There is a common thread here. So as to not choke up this blog with non-music matters I won't go in to what that common thread is. Other than this: neither artist here is primarily known for her music. Both have used music in an effort to get out of a bad situation. Google them for more info.

Ashley Alexandra Dupre - "What We Want"

Two confessions here: 1) I don't normally listen to this kind of Top-40-radio dance R&B lite stuff and 2) I am really jumping on the bandwagon here! All that being said, you'll probably like this, if you like this sort of thing. All the elements are here: heavy drum machine beats, come hither phrasing, American Idol style vocals. This would seem at home on your average Top-40-hits format radio station. Very reminiscient of other radio-friendly artists. One criticism I have seen is that it is a little TOO like those other performers. To be honest, I am not familiar enough with this style to declare this criticism valid or invalid.

Traci Lords - "Sunshine"/"You Burn Inside of Me"

This is more like what I usually listen to! Guitars and everything. Still dance floor stuff, but less radio friendly than Dupre. Of the two Dupre is the better technical vocalist, but I actually prefer Lords. She does a passible "breathy seduction" delivery. Maybe this is a little too "grungy" for your radio (if it's tuned to a Top-40 pop station), but would be at home even on an "indie" dance floor. "Sunshine"'s B-side (in an age without vinyl does that term still mean anything?) is more of a "make out" song, suitable for slow dancing. Slower anyway.

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