Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Losing Focus ...

I'm losing focus here. See, when I started actively getting into music again I had a few genres in mind that I wanted to explore deeper. Some were no brainers - girl group, riot grrrl, indie pop. Others I was taking a 'get to it whenever' approach to - rockabilly, surf, hot rod. New wave/80s pop I have a ton of, but could always use more! Same for hardcore.

But a couple things have blown my carefully thought out plans. I'm REALLY digging The Choir Practice right now. Must get more contemporary choral stuff! And Korpiklaani has a new album out. Which eMusic has. And I really am jonesing for.

But 'European folk metal' was not on the agenda until later!

Oh well. Guess I gotta tough it out :)

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