Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Day The Music Died

I'm breaking my chick habit to talk about this in a timely fashion. February 3 is "the day the music died". On that day in 1959 the small single-engine plane carrying Buddy Holly and others went down. There were no survivors.

I have a personal interest in the story. My family came "this close" to being a footnote in a really difficult trivia game. My grandfather farmed some of the land adjoining the crash site.

I won't bother going much into the music. If you don't know at least one of Buddy's tunes by heart get up from the computer and spin some! (Preferably vinyl ..) The music fan without at least a passing knowledge of the acts on the Winter Dance Party Tour is hardly living up to the name.

With one exception - a young Italian crooner named Frankie Sardo. Information on Sardo is scarce. Apparently he recorded through the mid-60s without much commercial success, in spite of positive reviews from the likes of Billboard. I have never heard Frankie Sardo - the only person associated with the Winter Dance Party who remains almost completely unknown to me.

For those who looked at the top of the blog and thought I posted my Holly memorial a day early, remember - time zones. I posted that within a few hours of the crash time - around 1 AM February 3.

Just 49 years later.

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